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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Isn't she LOVELY? Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?

Audrey Hepburn, epitome of Loveliness

Please forgive me - I got this off the web from a wonderful site and I don't now remember where that was. But BEING lovely, having the opportunity to be LOVELY is something not to take lightheartedly. 

God gave us Loveliness. We are all lovely in our own way. We need to focus on that! Read this article, I believe to be written by Audrey Hepburn, and visualize the lovely essence in you!

Have a wonderful day and keep reading this blog. I appreciate all your support and input for sure! Forward to your friends to read this blog. Everyone needs to appreciate loveliness!

How to be lovely as Audrey Hepburn?

How To Be Lovely

"The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things." - Plato
Elegance must be combined with loveliness, because one usually not just desire to be elegant simply for themselves, but to shed a little joy around her and beautify her world.
If you look up the dictionary today, you'll find that 'loveliness' is defined as 'an exquisite beauty'. Researching deeper, I've found that the intrinsic meaning of that beauty is natural, internal and it comes from all the goodness and love from the heart. So how to be absolutely lovely? Think of someone who portrayed elegance and wonderful taste at every occasion: Audrey Hepburn.

Cultivate Loveliness

I've found that it is easier to 'be the right person' than to 'try to be the right person'. When we should not be late, it is prudent to set a timer or an alarm. Having reverence for other people's time, insures being on time.
For instance, if we were meeting a head of state, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we wouldn't dream of being late. A lovely person is thoughtful all the time.

She is one who is generous with her smile.

My heart instantly warms up to a person who smiles. It is bighearted to be the one who smiles first because it takes a certain type of admirable courage and lack of self consciousness. She also has positivity that a smile will be returned. Her smile encourages other smiles. Her pleasant countenance exudes her.

She is one who is kind.

She asks about you and your family if they are well. She listens and refrains from talking about herself, unless asked.
If you have had an embarrassing moment, she will appear to never have noticed it. If you have spilled soup on yourself, she would make light of it. Her words are kind and thoughtful. Her gestures and actions reflect that too. A pat for a little dog, or listening with delight when children attempt to converse. She will always offer a helping hand to an older person.

She is one who is on time, if not a little early.

When she has an appointment with someone, she is always on time, if not a little early. If she is foresees to be five minutes late for her hair appointment, she phones as early as fifteen minutes before. She takes into account potential time-hazards when planning her time. She sticks to her appointments, come rain or shine. She is dependable to turn up for her appointments. She never cancels, unless it is a real emergency. She will never make an excuse because she knows others have cleared their schedules for her. Time is one of the most valued currencies we have. Money can be lost, and may be earned back. When time is lost, time is lost for ever. She shows her reverence for time by the way she lives her life, settling into a calm, quality lifestyle where she has time for church, family and friends.

She is one who believes others come first.

In her actions, she considers others. She moves to the middle of the train to allow more space for passengers who come after her, and gives up her seat to that pregnant lady. She stirs her tea quietly in order not to all attention to her cup. She speaks softly in public places, so that it will not be a disturbance to others.
She respects wishes and personal choices of others and will not ask intruding or potentially embarrassing questions. While she may have differing opinions, she will be gracious about it.

She is one who is disciplined in mind and heart.

She never assumes she is well-known, important, that people are thinking about her, talking about her or will give her a ride home. If she discovers any of those situations to be true, she graciously accepts and shows her appreciation. She never says to anyone, 'Do you know who I am?' or 'I don't deserve this! I deserve better.'
She'll never steals any one's thunder by switching an conversational topic to herself. For instance if someone was talking about their trip to France, she'll take over the conversation and tell them what happened when SHE went to France.
She does not allow herself to go over an embarrassing situation in her mind. She disciplines herself not to fuss and get on with it. She does not get embarrassed.

"She is disciplined in her lifestyle, not allowing herself to be drunk with wine, be addicted to bad habits of eating junk food, shop incessantly, be over ridden with debt, have too many possessions, or have disorder in her life and home." (Author Unknown)
She also knows being disciplined in her heart and mind means taking efforts to 'guard her heart'.
In Proverbs 4:23: "Above all, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."  
Guarding one's heart is reading, watching, listening to good, wholesome things to inspire fruits such as love, patience, kindness etc.

She is one who is impeccable in appearance.

How to be lovely is also to be impeccable in appearance. I was once told that in France, it is considered rude to go get bread at the bakery in home clothes and unmade face. This is because you force others to look at you in less-than-presentable appearance.
Good posture is important as well. A beautiful impeccable appearance is ruined by a poor posture. Keep your back straight at all times. Do not fold your arms, slouch or lean on anything. Learn to feel graceful with good posture. A lovely person definitely does not need to spend excessive time getting dressed. She achieves a timeless style by a sense of thoughtfulness about herself.

She is one who has a good work ethic.

She shows us how to be lovely by having a good work ethic. Just as she is always on time, she has a healthy work ethic. She performs what is required of her, without complaining. She works hard and doesn't give in even though she is tired. If she has a big client meeting the next day, she prepares for it and is confident.
"I adored my work and did my best." - Audrey Hepburn

She is one who has a balanced life with her values intact.

She is never too busy for her family, her loved ones. She prioritizes and keeps things simple.
She is passionate about her work, but it will not take over her values. She is passionate about family, but she does not neglect herself and she continues to take interests outside of family. She knows when she is over-stretching herself and says 'no' to the unnecessary. Due to her disciplined manner of living, she enjoys what she has chosen, designed. She is never hurried and in a rush.

She is one who loves.

She loves. She loves her husband, her children, her mother-in-law. She loves animals, beautiful gardens, books. She takes time to get to know the world around her. She does not merely expresses it with words but through actions.
She employs a thoughtfulness and observation of her world. She can notices things about little children, remembering what is their favourite toy. She can recount silly stories of her dogs. She sends birthday flowers. She loves decorating her home with elegance and keeping it welcoming.

She treats everyone the same.

She does not think she is better or more important than anyone. She speaks in the same manner to the janitor as she would to the vice president of her husband's company. She also does not repay a rude comments with nastiness.

She is one who is gracious.

She assumes the best of people. She says, "Oh, I trust and am very sure that in time to come, you will know what to do." to the person who confides in her, instead of giving advice unless asked for. When complimented, she accepts it kindly but gives away the credit, praising someone who has helped her with her hair.

She is one who is authentic and never puts on pretenses.

She is unafraid to say that she doesn't know and does not pretend to know. She does not fake her youth, her wealth, or accomplishments or her age. She tries to be as respectful as possible and is humble.

She is one who is a giver.

A giving person is not merely generous with her finances.
She is also generous with her time, words, her things, affection, her compliments, encouragement and praises.
Ultimately being lovely comes when one is inspired for the love of people, which comes supernaturally from God.

It is when you realize how much God loves us, in spite of ourselves, that brings out the wonderful sense of loveliness we can now bestow on others.

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