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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Diamond in the Making

THIS was in my INBOX this morning from SparkPeople.com:
Even if our efforts of attention seem for years to be producing no result, one day a light that is in exact proportion to them will flood the soul. - Simone Weil
What we can learn about patience from a diamond

Trying (but failing) to see your goals realized can be frustrating. Margaret Thatcher once said "You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it."  You've got to believe you will succeed! Never admit defeat as long as time and effort remain. Our greatest asset is patience; our greatest weakness is throwing in the towel. Banish discouragement and feelings of impossibility by working hard, doing more, and not giving in! A diamond was only made beautiful after millions of years as a lump of coal.

My brother Tom and his daughter Alison visited Toronto for a few days, catching up on old friends and family too. What was particularly fascinating was to see the look of PRIDE he had in his eyes when we discussed my efforts to become more fit. He was PROUD of me, of what I had accomplished. That was a great feeling!
He is my 'little brother' 10 years younger than me, incredibly more stable and not flighty at all (like me). Since he became a man, I have always looked up to him, and asked his advice on a number of things. He is an avid cyclist, the mountain type, and Pittsburgh is the place to be if you like to do that. (The HILLS!)  At 51, he is in terrific shape physically. He enjoys his life and his sports, and since he and his wife met playing adult competitive volleyball, his daughter also has a penchant for fitness. The whole family is slim and trim and strong. But it isn't in his 'genes' to be slim.
My parents both ended up in a sedentary lifestyle with more than love handles. My sister and I (I guess because we are women, grrr) ended up with the chubby part of the stick. So I have always been chubby. I last saw 130 pounds when I was about ten. Haven't seen it since. 
But Tom really had a GLOW ON. Big time. He was PROUD of me. He has known the torture I have gone through struggling with my weight. His words and expression mean so much to me, as I awaken this morning, I am re-inspired all over again. 
This particular photo was taken almost 30 years ago (I am on the left, Tom, then my sister, Bev). Tom was about 25 there and still my 'kid' brother. He has changed and matured so much, now married with an amazing wife and fab daughter.
When Tom (Mr. Fitness himself) ended up encouraging me, it was like a new light went on in my head. I started to feel proud of what I had accomplished (a LOT!) instead of feeling sorry for myself that I have 'back-slid' for a month. I still have been recording what I eat and my exercise, but calories have been sneaking up and exercise has been going down. The reports say it all, a downward spiral. 

But my bro is PROUD OF ME. 

It makes me realize yet AGAIN: This is the up and down part of learning a new LIFESTYLE. It didn't take just a few months to get this big, it took years! If I can make the kind of overall progress I have made once, a little slip will be A LOT easier to recoup.
Thanks so much for visiting TO, Tom - your timing couldn't have been better. And your encouragement couldn't  mean more.

Tom, have you ever thought about being a motivational speaker?

To help myself get back on track, I have registered to walk 5 km with the Ovarian Cancer Walk of Hope. To check it out, participate with my team OC Vanquishers, virtually or in person, or to donate, please visit the site below. (every dollar counts, some donate only $5, but it really helps)

OC Vanquishers want you to walk with us on September 11, 2011 at 9:30 AM. Please click on this link for everything:

If you are unable to walk, please come and cheer us on, or for more information, visit: www.ovariancancerwalkofhope.ca  Thank you in advance for helping make a difference!
Or mail your donation in support of the OC Vanquishers TEAM to:

Please send (Cheques payable to Ovarian Cancer Canada) donations to:
(noting in support of team OC Vanquishers, to update our total)

Ovarian Cancer Canada
145 Front Street East, Suite 101
Toronto ON, M5A 1E3   

The Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope is the largest Canadian event dedicated to overcoming ovarian cancer.  Everyone comes together, creating greater awareness of the disease, supporting women and families and to raise crucial funds for ovarian cancer. Going strong and growing for 9 years, this 10th year OCC hopes the cumulative total will be over $10,000,000. We are nearly there. Make a difference by joining us as we strive to detect ovarian cancer early! To register, click on the link below.


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