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Thursday, May 26, 2011

STOP THE SCALE! I want to get OFF!

Frustrated. Disappointed. Hopeless. Skeptical.

Emotions like scepticism, hopelessness, frustration and disappointment have got in my (weigh ha ha) way in trying to lose weight. They have stopped me dead in my tracks.
Even an initial drop in weight stops when I get on the scale. The scale has never been my friend. Other than taking photos of myself, and bearing my heart and soul to the world on this blog, there are other good ideas to measure progress.
What happens when you count calories and exercise, and you feel you are making progress, but the scale says NO?
Don't get ticked, frustrated or aggravated. If you’ve been working at both strengthening and cardiovascular exercises, you probably have lost some fat. But if exercising, you have been building muscle. Muscle is dense, weighing more than fat, so this scale might be a traitor to you, not mirroring your work. Oh mirror, mirror on the wall, can you make me slim or over-tall?
In fact, one can even plateau, and see an increase in weight by putting on enough muscle.
The more we weigh, the more calories we burn when we exercise. So exercise, even gentle exercise will provide great results, particularly at the beginning. The less we weigh, we burn less calories when we do the same exercises.
I imagine myself at the gym, busting your backside trying to tone and strengthen, increasing aerobic exercises and strengthening cardiology and respiratory functions. Along with my diet, this has gone on for a month. If you are anything like me, you do more exercise, a few more repetitions (reps) with a bit more weight. Lo and behold you are building lean muscle like crazy.
Other Signs of Progress
  • Try on a pair of pants that fit snugly before your weight loss. Are they getting loose? You are thinner! Look for better muscle definition in your arms and legs. Have a small chair that was uncomfortable because of its tight arms? Try it now.
  • Beginning your program, be sure to take waist, arms, neck and hip measurements. Seeing a difference there means you are well on your way to your goal. Measuring is more reliable than the dreaded scale. Look at medical factors and check your blood pressure or cholesterol, heart rate, and body fat percentage.
  • How's that energy level? Now you might notice you have more, and can work out longer and up your strength training. Working around the house is easier too. Pretty soon you’ll be training for your first 5K!
  • How do you feel on the inside? Your hard work comes with a boost in self-esteem, happiness and confidence. Are you more comfortable in your own body?

    Just because the scale has stopped moving doesn’t mean you’ve hit a plateau. Don’t get frustrated—this is sure to pay off in 'body benefits'. You'll start sleeping better and have more energy in your days. As you pay attention to the new signals from your body, it will reassure you your hard work is paying off!

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