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Friday, May 27, 2011

Sad to GLAD in 80 days!

Have a peek at my progress.
I went from sad to glad in 80 days! Perhaps you might think this as being terribly vain of me, stupid, or I have my nose in the air - for posting this blog, but actually the reverse is true.
  • Accountability: Airing all the ups and downs of a major weight loss - keeps me accountable. I know friends and family and some other people look at this often.
  • Knowledge is Power: The blog encourages me to keep looking up information on diets, weight loss surgery, and so much more. Keeping myself informed and learning is a good way to keep my weight loss at the TOP of my mind.
  • Support: The odd person might benefit from my blog, and start trying to be more healthy, or think about losing a bit themselves. Knowing how difficult it is, I want to provide some support.
  • Weight scales are TRAUMATIC!: Never have been my friend. I have such hurtful memories of being disappointed when I stepped on the scales. Now I much prefer a different kind of measurement. Photographs work easily for me because I have a web cam that takes pictures and video too. I also measure with a measuring tape, weekly.
I am very excited to report I am now incorporating JOGGING stints into my walking routine. This is the first time I have done this that I haven't HURT myself! I have found after years of TRYING that you can't start off with too much at first, and you ONLY run/jog every OTHER day. I might actually be able to keep this up! I am starting to like this because I feel powerful.
This latest photo doesn't look that "GLAD" - but I AM tickled pink. Just being so busy with Kevin (new beau) and my weight loss, I haven't had much time to take photos!

First Day after Vertical Sleeve Procedure

Day 10

Day 20

2011 - I was dressed for Asian New Year's. Just LOOK at that neck. You can see by my smile, I thought I looked okay. Hated this photo so much, it got me moving!

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