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Monday, April 11, 2011

The cross I wear around my neck is moving further down my chest as the size of my neck shrinks. Funny the things you notice.
On a more personal note, I found with primarily drinking protein drinks and only eating a small amount of other foods, I am not as regular as before. It seems I go from one extreme to the other. I need to be careful not to get bound up, or the reverse, and find I do a balancing act with the Softener and the laxative I take. Time seems to FLY by and I am feeling better by the minute and need to keep track.
I'll start tracking THAT today.
I currently track the number of calories and the amount of protein, and the amount of time I spend exercising every day. Sometimes I only have 550 to 750 calories and I believe there have been 2 days I went over 900. I find it interesting the number of grams of protein turns out roughly to be 10% of my caloric intake. So that is what I aim for. LOTS of protein.

So why do clients who have had Bariatric Surgery have a very good chance not to regain the weight?

I need to remember the OLD ME is my worst enemy. She has never helped me before in this area. I AM NO LONGER HER!

The NEW ME is my new best friend. This energetic woman is like me at 35! And this is really WHO ANDREA IS NOW.

For me, it is necessary to blog this, be honest and vulnerable, documenting every step publicly, so I can become familiar with who is the NEW ME. I am committed to her, to make it work. 
This is my last chance for good health. With this surgery, my surgeon told me I will most likely never have another cancer, will never get diabetes, and I will live longer. 
I look at my brand new grandson and I have visions of dancing the tango at his wedding.

When I got Ovarian Cancer in 2007, the surgeon asked me if I wanted to have (among other experts on my team) a psychiatrist. 
I replied, "I don't KNOW HOW TO HAVE CANCER. I NEED TO UNDERSTAND HOW I DO THAT." and opted for the help. I am glad I did, as she has become an incredible ally, a wealth of information, as well as a good friend. Now 3 years and 4 months cancer free, after going through THAT journey, Madelyn made things much easier to cope with. She had lots of great suggestions I acted upon.
After many years of being obese or overweight, my self esteem had hit the skids. 
I was no longer sure I could trust myself to make the right decisions. 
Madelyn affirmed me and helped me trust myself again. 
Great lady. Thanks Madelyn! 



  1. what is awesome, it that God loved the old you and He loves the new you...equally. that is so hard for us to believe because our self esteem is so low, but it is the truth. He however does love it when we step out in obedience and trust Him in the midst of all the changes and issues we deal with in the process. Blessings Andrea.. i look forward to your updates. Kerry

  2. Keep up the good fight, Dahling!

  3. It was a good time spent with you.
    Love yah!
    your friend, himself

  4. Hi Andrea,
    I've been checking up on your blog now and then, and am thrilled for you to have made such progress!!!
    Keep up the good work....
    My prayers are with you daily...