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Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 26 - Weight Loss Time Lapse: 84 Days In 48 Seconds

This VIDEO really inspired me to keep a record of my progress. 
I would have done it the way Adam Waters did, but didn't own so many pairs of long johns. Since I haven't skied lately, I don't have any! Anyhow, not ready for a bathing suit yet!
He did all this in 84 days - that is just short of 3 months! 
Congratulations, Mr. Walker, I have watched your YouTube video about 5 times and found it so inspiring! 
But how can I prevent developing those huge amazing abs? Just getting slimmer and more healthy works for me.           


Like a quick change artist - Adam makes it look effortless. 

Look at the NEW POLL and choose how many pounds you think I will have lost by April 4, and I will see if I can dream up a prize for the closest answer in the meantime!  
Hint: I am now able to sit in a chair with legs crossed at the knee.
C'mon, tell me you didn't know it is a problem for people battling the bulge!

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