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Monday, September 26, 2011

Are you willing to die for your dream?

I was. Am I still?
My dream was to become thinner, slimmer, more fit and healthy. After lifelong overweight issues, now at 60 I am still obese. Talk about being willing to die for this dream. I even had stomach stapling bariatric surgery to help me. I felt I had tried everything else and this is my last chance. So I grabbed that brass ring. That was only 7 months ago in March 2011.
The pounds came off quickly at first, but have slowed down to a dribble. Why is this happening?
I need my dream. Can I take it out, dust it off, polish it up and dream it again? Where on earth did I put it? Oh, there it is, under that pile of broken promises to myself.
Is the weight ever going to go away?
Not unless I can visualize myself as the slim woman inside of this old heavy body. Where the heck is my new self, transmogrified, me as the butterfly?
Not this: emoticon
But this! emoticon
With my newly shined dream, I will again conceptualize my body responding more vitally to health and refusing to respond or 'whig out' to unhealthy options. I can see myself slim!

Like Martin Luther King said, "I have a dream."
And he did die for his dream. But his dream is getting closer and closer to being real. Certainly it is in Toronto, the most multi-cultural city in the world.

Will Smith has also become another great inspiration for me because he maintains once you start doubting your dream coming true, you are done. You have just outdone yourself and are DOOMED yourself to failure.
Will has a very cool and inspirational piece someone put together on his philosophy on You Tube.

He says we need to understand we shouldn't be realistic. 
Reality bites. Aim higher!
It is NOT realistic to believe you can flick a switch and lights come on in the room. No one believed it could be done. Einstein did. It took him over 1000 experiments to get the light bulb to work. It was his dream, and he made it happen. Now it is our reality.

Was it realistic to believe one could shape a metal tube and send people up in the air? Heck no. It was a dream of the Wright brothers and many others this could be possible. But for many years it was just a dream.

What makes a dream come true?
Perhaps at the start of your fitness journey you spent time visualizing what you would look like and how you would feel at your ideal weight or level of fitness. I did.
Do we still do that? I have lost focus on that part, and coincidentally, since losing focus on my goal, I have lost focus on the process to attain that - my dream of slimness and good health.
I have been focusing instead on the negative things - on the bad percentages. I have been giving more power to my sabateurs. I need to take that back and take back control! I now believe it is my choice to be a winner or a loser. And I want to WIN!
Will Smith says it best in this little video. Tune in and then be more FREE to believe in your dream about YOU.

It worked for me. Mentally - just now.
It is a new day! And I have a new, fresh dream, even more beautiful than the first one, and I am closer than ever. 
I am going to keep loving that new ME. 
I am going to make ME finally happen.

Keep Looking UP! And keep dreaming your dream.


emoticon emoticon
emoticon We need to look for the good things and forget the crappy ones
emoticon Life is a present, not a past, nor a future. It is today's gift.
emoticon Today is the FIRST day of the rest of it. We only have one present at a time. Make this moment work.
emoticon IF we crash and burn, not to worry. We are just little chickies, on this steep learning curve and if we didn't fall sometimes, we'd be perfect. Chickies trip up all the time, take a tumble, get up and keep on.

None of us ARE perfect. Why do we keep expecting perfection in ourselves? We aren't even being fair when we expect that.

As Yoda says, 'Those who do, DO.'
And I think he's got something there.

Are you with me?
Jump on this bandwagon and let me know! 

(BTW, I made the 5 km - every step of the Ovarian Cancer Walk of Hope on September 11, 2011. Thank you so much for your support.  
As a survivor, I got to wear a TEAL T Shirt, while the walkers wore WHITE and volunteers wore YELLOW. When we were walking, there was a sea of 1500 WHITE T's and only about a dozen TEAL T's. That threw me for a loop. When you learn stats about a disease - this percent will die, this percent will live, you don't really GET IT until you see it in the flesh. September 11 brought it home. Many people were walking for their friend, or mother, or sister - who is gone. Forever.
When I can figure out how to get the photos from my HTC android phone onto my computer, I will share some of them with you. I appreciate any help you can provide.)

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