GOAL - REACH 5,000 Kms - Walking and Jogging to Fitness!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Special Mountain Climber

How do you like my new tracker? This is going to help me to change my life, and help me to keep the changes permanently.

What good habit do you want to incorporate that will help you love you more? I am using this little ticker - to track my physical activity. Cool, eh?
If you want one you can go to tickerfactory.com and can use tickers for all kinds of things.

This will help me to continue to develop the good habit I am nurturing. TO MOVE!

Please have a look at the following link - an amazing story of a wonderful courageous woman, Wendy Booker, who faces her toughest challenges by fighting back with her own MOUNTAINS (My Scarborough Bluff is nothing to hers!):


When we are buffeted by loss, failure, pain or hurt in our own lives, how do we fight back?
  • Stuff our feelings?
  • Drink away our pain?
  • Go to a lifetime of self-help books or psychiatrists?
  • Smoke ourselves to death?
  • When incensed, drive too fast, hoping for a crash?
  • Take pills all our life long or take pills to end it all?

I have tried ALL of these things, and NONE of them worked.
Many people choose to one of these things to an extreme. And who gets hurt?

We need to arrive at a place where we admit we are human and make mistakes - but God put us here for a purpose. 

Rick Warren can explain more in his book, The Purpose Driven Life.

Our goal should be to find out why.
  • What is my reason for living?
  • What is my purpose?
  • Who can I help in my lifetime? Maybe just who can I help today?
IF I am here for a reason and I want to help someone, FIRST I need to love myself. How do I begin to do that?

Believe in your self and the purpose you were created for, even if it hasn't been revealed to you yet. Pray it will. But nothing will happen until you . . .
  • Decide you are worthy of looking after. 
  • Being kind to yourself. 
  • Doing the right thing for YOU. 
  • Treasuring YOU. 
  • Admiring your strengths or joy or shape or brain or . . . 
  • Becoming stronger. 
  • Becoming prepared for your purpose (whatever it is).

If you have always put others first, and watched yourself go downhill over the years, you are not loving or believing in yourself.
You ARE worthy of looking after

There is only one of you and you are special!

Start by developing one good habit. A good habit blends with the WHO you are NOW and helps you to become the WHO you want to BE. Maintaining continuity ensures it doesn't go away.
  • Save a dollar a day. (or $5)
  • Eat 5 fruits or veggies a day (start off with 2??)
  • Read a Bible verse.
  • Walk a half a block and back (that makes a WHOLE block! - that is all I could walk this past March!)
What good habit do you want to incorporate that will help you love yourself more? 

The tough part?


Not later today, not next Monday.

Right now.


TODAY and every day.


  1. WOW 100 plus I'm so proud of you. You go get em girl.
    Albert and Monica

  2. This is good motivational stuff - and will help when it comes time to teach our yoga class (starting 7/26/11 at The River)
    Forwarding to myself at work so I can format & print it for a handout!
    Much love
    Karen Jo