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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 22

Andrea 22 Days Later

Body Thoughts for Sunday. . .
Dancing to the 'Oldies' all day long. (Yes, ME. Energy Bunny watch out!)

You will love these words Danielle wrote on her blog which so aptly describes what I have gone through. Let me share it with her good wishes. She writes so expressively!
(Her blog address is at the bottom)

I didn’t listen to my body.  When it said “Move”, I said “Hush, I’m too tired”.  I wanted comfort and nothingness…a place without challenge.
I didn’t listen to my body.  When it said “Enough”, I said “I’m not numb yet”. I wanted fullness and escape…a space where I did not have to think.
I didn’t listen to my body.  When it said “Water”, I said “Wine”.  I wanted levity and laughter…a feeling of acceptance.
I didn’t listen to my body.  When it said “Breathe”, I said “I have no time!”.  I wanted plans and control…to know I was taking care of business.
And because I didn’t listen, my body fought back.  Sickness, fatigue, bloating and sadness ensued.  I floated away from the truth into an illusion of unworthiness.  I let the noise take over the silent calm within.  I gained weight.  I cried a lot.  I yelled a lot.  I slept.  And then one day, I awoke.
This is not living.
It occurred to me that there is a wisdom that lives in each of us that has nothing to do with being perfect and pleasing others.  This wisdom speaks to loving myself…to taking care of myself so that I can do what I came here to do.
And when I listen…
The days flow effortlessly.  I feel light, rested and loved!  I move gracefully and beautifully.  I speak softly and giggle.  I offer a smile and an embrace.  My words are kind.  My body is firmer and I glow!
I no longer deny myself that vibrant health.  My body is not the enemy but my greatest ally!  It speaks to me of love, of care and of moderation.  It speaks to me everyday and now everyday…I listen.

By Danielle Boonstra
Check out her blog at http://danielleboonstra.com/


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. the hair & makeup are a great addition to your "incredible shrinking woman" :) Much love dahlink

  3. You are gorgeous! OMGoodness!! Unbelievable! I see the old you again. I have not seen you with make-up on in ages. I am soooooooooooooo proud of you and the courage that it takes to do this.
    I love you and pray for you everyday @^_^@

    -Lynda your soul sister