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Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 20

Turns out I AM okay to add hi-lights - but I have to let the color set some more. My 'hair colorist' said I should try a little make-up once in a while on this, and I am healing. Glad to do that, but I jabbed myself in the eye with the mascara wand, thank you very much.

Some of you have been asking about the kind of surgery I had and why. Basically it was a stomach stapling, where they cut off and remove (85% of your stomach) so, no going back.
Why? I never wanted to be overweight. I would diet to take off 10 pounds, then gain back 15, then diet to take off the 15, and gain back 25. This went on escalating for years, with over 20 different diets. I always regained more weight than I had lost. This showed me that diets DON'T WORK! 
Having learned that tidbit, I started on a healthy lifestyle of eating - thanks to Lynda A.! On this more healthy regime, I gradually over a number of years lost 45 pounds. But that was as far as it went. I needed a bigger stimulus to be successful. 
When Dr. Okrainec, my doctor, told me: I will most likely NOT develop another cancer, will never get diabetes, and I will live longer, that got my attention. I have a brand new grandson, born on January 1, 2011 and it sure would be fun to dance at his wedding! 
Any abdominal surgery is major, but as my procedure was laprascopic, the mortality rate for this kind of Bariatric surgery is between 1-1.5% - I gulped and said - sign me up.

There are eight different types of bariatric surgery (I just looked it up):
  • Laproscopic bariatric surgery
  • Bariatric bypass surgery
  • Roux-en-y (RNY)
  • Duodenal Switch (DS)
  • Biliopancreatic Diversion (BD)
  • Vertical Banded Gastroplasty (VBG)
  • Sapala-Wood Micropuch
  • Adjustable Gastric Banding (AGB).
Note: Banded types of surgery are not covered by Ontario Health Insurance. I checked: $15,000 to $18,000 with limited results.
I had the Vertical Gastric Sleeve done amazingly well by Dr. Allen Okrainec, Head of Laproscopic Surgery at the Toronto Western Hospital, which is part of the University Health Network (UHN). Allen told me the Vertical Gastric Sleeve was best for me and my history.
Most Bariatric surgeons, including my doctor, favor the "Roux en Y" as the #1 procedure,  not only does it re-route part of the stomach, but also includes another process limiting absorption of food. The "Roux en Y" will may work more quickly than my procedure because it limits absorption.
Each of these procedures has its pros and cons, but it is up to you and your bariatric physician to decide which procedure is best for you.
Here's the GOOD NEWS!!!
A hormone, gherelin, is manufactured in the top right side of the stomach where you see the curved bulge. When a normal person's tummy is empty, the hormone goes to the brain to signal hunger. The most wonderful thing about my surgery is this hormone can't get to the brain - and! I AM NEVER HUNGRY. It is a weird feeling, but so empowering. Three to five teaspoons can fill me up. Then I quickly STOP eating. I can have 3 small meals a day plus two snacks.
The surgery is covered under Ontario Health Insurance from a large grant from the Ministry of Health. The results are so dramatic, even severe diabetes Type 2 will be resolved 2 weeks post-op. Before this option, the Ministry of Health would have to pay from $400-$600 a month for each patient to provide all the medications, testing materials and equipment. Multiply this by 20 or 30 years with escalating costs every year and you can see the rationale.
Had I not gone forward with the surgery, it was inevitable for me to develop diabetes. Many people now realize obesity is an illness, not a result of laziness. As I watch my hands slimming, neck shrinking and my ankles starting to look like they used to, I know I have a new life ahead of me! I am only 20 days into it, starting February 26 with the pre-surgical diet, surgery March 4, and now it is March 18.
If you have any questions, I will be happy to direct you to the right website. EVERY day, I feel better and better, and cannot contain my joy!

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