GOAL - REACH 5,000 Kms - Walking and Jogging to Fitness!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

DAY 19

Trying to get this hair color right. 
First try - I got to working on the computer and forgot about the time. OOPS!
All bleached out. Called my Hair Colorist ASAP. 
I had VERY little color left in my box of tricks. This blondie is corrected, but still seems a bit dark. (to me - the perpetual blond). All this took 5 hours of work. Do ya think I need highlights? Anyhow, exhausted, but healing well. And still shrinking. Will find out # of pounds next week sometime.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Too funny but you are looking good! Luv u

  2. Keep up the good work - there's a purpose for all the things we do!!! You're looking great.

  3. Dear Andrea,
    Thanks for the update...and it's way cool that you're blogging. I'm still stuck at the email level...
    I'm SO glad to see you doing so well ! I don't know anything about the surgery you had, but I'm thrilled that it's successful. I'm amazed it doesn't affect taste or leave you feeling hungry! Are you happy with the weight loss so far! What is your goal? What DO you eat, and how much/little? I'm so impressed and am not only pulling for you, I pray for you daily....
    and I love you...
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